Solutrean hypothesis

Solutrean hypothesis, The peopling of the american continents the clovis hypothesis the solutrean hypothesis top.

The solutrean hypothesis, first proposed in 1998, is a controversial theory about the settlement of the americas that claims that europeans originating from the solutrean culture on the iberian peninsula were the first or among the first settlers in. Now before talking about the solutrean hypothesis, you must first realize that the solutreans were not modern europeans the signature haplogroup for europeans is.

 · the solutrean hypothesis is a controversial proposal that peoples from europe may have been among the earliest settlers in the americas, as evidenced by similarities in stone tool technology of the solutrean culture from prehistoric europe to that of the later clovis tool-making culture found in the americas.

Examples of clovis and other paleoindian point forms, markers of archaeological cultures in northeastern north america solutrean tools, 22,000–17,000 bp, crôt du. The solutrean hypothesis the solutrean hypothesis of the first peoples to inhabit north america is getting positively respectable to the point that the washington post has deigned to publish a longish article on the topic (“radical theory of first americans places stone age europeans in delmarva 20,000 years ago“. The solutrean hypothesis is a minority opinion concerning the human settlement of north america it holds, essentially, during the ice age, anatomically modern humans from europe crossed via an ice bridge or over open water to north america.

The solutrean hypothesis about the settlement of the americas claims that people from europe may have been among the earliest settlers of the americas its notable recent proponents include dennis stanford of the smithsonian institution and bruce bradley of the university of exeter.  · i've blogged before about the woebegone solutrean hypothesis, and i'm happy to say that it is now dead the oldest well-characterised archaeological.

Here’s the model from wikipedia: this hypothesises similarities between the solutrean industry and the later clovis culture / clovis points of north america, and. Meltzer is among those still skeptical of the solutrean hypothesis, citing the scant evidence “if solutrean boat people washed up on our shores.

Solutrean hypothesis
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